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One problem every book lover is a victim of is, book prices. Why are they so high!!! But hold your horses because I have got two solutions, not one, two! I have only personally tried one of these options, and it worked very well! Although I haven't tried the second option, because I love new books, you might be willing to try it out!

Book outlet the books her are so cheap it will blow your mind!!!!

For real though. I ordered from here once, and let me tell you the prices are amazing! I got Lux Beginnings for $3!!! How is that even possible?? Warning: There will continue to be an excess use of exclamation marks throughout this post, proceed cautiously. I have NEVER seen a book at full price here!!! hfvbdshgvfhsgv that is amazing!! Hold up though, we need to get down to business(stop distracting me, this is all you, I did nothing to get off track) Anyhow here is a list of fabulousssss things about Book Outlet!!
  • Ships Internationally One problem many international book lovers have, is shipping. Many online stores are like, Nope! We won't ship to you! I feel your pain! I live in Canada, although most websites do ship here, select few, do not. Whyyyy???? But Book outlet has got your back, and will ship to you, wherever.
  • Brand new books the prices make it seem as if the books are used. But oh no, they are fresh and new! Brand Spankin' new books at those prices! CRAZYYY!
  • Shipping is fast Maybe I was lucky, but my order came pretty fast! I think it took inder a week, which is awesome! You won't have to wait forever to say hello to your new books!
  • Cheapest prices I have found online Maybe there are cheaper places (if there are tell me IMMEDIATLY) but so far the prices here are the best! You have to see them for yourself, they will blow you away.
But although I definitely make it sound like the best website EVER, it is not. There is some p problems. They are pretty serious though 
  • There is very little variety sadly mos of the books are sold out, and I don't know when they restock. The popular books everyone wants to get there hands on are either too new to be in stock or sold out... this is bad. However you might be able to find what your looking for!
  • Shipping costs more and more with every book you get When prices are that cheap you might be hunting down tons of books that you want. But warning, shipping costs $3.99 for the first two books and $0.50 cents for every book after that in the USA$3.25 for shipping and $0.80 cents per item in CanadaSo make sure to not go super crazy and count how much shipping will cost as well!
The Used Section In Amazon you might be thinking, ew used books Maya, that's gross! I feel you, but hold up, because this might change your mind!
If you can't spend tons of money on books, but you still want some, there is only one solution, used books. You have to face the facts. Although it might not seem appealing here are some awesome things about getting used books from Amazon
  • You can check a sellers rating when purchasing used books there is tons to choose from. Some that are super cheap, and some that are almost full price! How do you know which to trust? Look at the sellers rating! Check to see if they have any negative reviews, and how many books have they sold in the past! Go for sellers offering books whose condition is marked "very good" or better, who have at least a 97% rating and who have been selling at least for a year or so.  If they seem trustworthy, their books are most likely in good condition as well!
  • They are just amazingly cheap you can't go wrong with getting cheap books! If your fine with the fact that they aren't 100% new, then your all set.
Don't get me wrong, here are some negatives too
  • The seller might not be trustworthy you might be dealing with a liar, the book you get might not be exactly what you had in mind!
  • The books can come in bad condition although the books was supposed to come in superb condition, you got a shriveled up mess.
  • Shipping can be bad it can cost a whole bunch of precious money, or just take ages to ship! That ain't good! But once again this varies by seller!
So my *insert clever nickname here* Did you find this post helpful? I really hope you did! Make sure to check out both of those websites! They might be where you decide to buy all your delicious books!

Have you ever ordered from these places before? What were your
experiences with them?

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  1. I LOVE Book Outlet! You're right about the selection, but when they have what I want, it's perfect! And even with taking the shipping costs into account, it's still WAY cheaper than buying the books anywhere else. I typically just wait until a big sale and then buy a bunch of books all at once so I'm mostly just paying that 50 cents per book for the shipping.

    Haven't tried Amazon used - might have to keep that in mind, especially for kids' books.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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