What's Wrong With Reading Goals?

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So today's post is gonna be a discussion post. These are my favourite. Something about people ranting about their opinions makes me happy, I love it. Honestly one of the main reasons I started a blog was so that I could share my thoughts with the world. Although a very small portion of the world actually sees this, that's fine. Because I still get to shout my feelings at a few people...

Today's topic is something that bothers me a lot. I'm just constantly thinking about it and it makes me want to viciously rip out my hair. It's probably something a lot of people don't struggle with, but I do. Reading goals.
Are they not devastating???
I despise them. I'm sorry but I do. Yet I still try to set them???

I started my blog in November, December quickly rolled around and I was hit with all these posts about how much people had read and how proud they were. I almost dropped dead at the sight of it! I had not read anything even close to those numbers! Of course I didn't know the exact amount I read, as I wasnt counting at the time, but sure enough it wasn't as much as other people! That did not make me feel good!! So as 2016 came around, I like many other bloggers vowed to read 100 books this year. Of course I just dove right into this without thinking, because that is always a smart thing to do! Which after further thought turned out I had to read about 8+ books a month...
I can't do that.
Well it's not that I can't, it's that I won't. I just don't have time, or energy to read THAT much. Yes I realize that others do it no problem, but I have other things on my mind and I don't want books adding more stress to my life!!

What I'm trying to say is in the blogging community were constantly setting these high standards for ourselves! Well I know reading said many books is not a big deal for some people, but it is for others! I really think we should acknowledge that! Reading is supposed to be fun and if you are forcing yourself to do it to reach some goal, that in the end may not even satisfy you, that's not fun!!

Of course I'm not saying to drop all your goals and give up, what I'm hoping you can pick out from this jumbled mass of words is that it is okay if you don't reach your goal! That doesn't make you any less of a reader than the person who read 200 books this year. The amount of books you read does not affect whether you are a true book worm or not, it's just a number. There is no reason to die over the fact that your struggling to find motivation to read, or to be angry that you are not reaching your goal at the pace you desire! That's not fun, that's stupid! So do not worry,if you don't feel like reading then don't, do whatever you want.

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  1. I totally agree that we do NOT need reading goals or to read huuuuge numbers of books to be considered a "bookworm". NOPE. Just read! And enjoy it. And you're a bookworm. ;D I think reading goals can be a bit of a trap?! Because we can want to set them like other people are, instead of what suits us. *nods* I get caught up trying to beat my own goals alllll the time, which leaves me kinda stressed. hehe. So this year I'm trying to cut back my reading and relax a bit more. :P BUT I STILL DO LOVE MY GOALS. I love ticking things off lists basically. hehe.

  2. I use Goodreads to keep track of my "goal" and numbers...I would call my self a bookworm to the end of days, but even 100 books a year is like...crazy high for me! I set my goal at 55....I have friends who read 200+...I don't think that means they LOVE books more than me or anything...just that they have more time HAHA! So YES, I agree...I don't think you GOAL makes you the reader..I just think it should be a fun personal challenge not something to rank status in the reading world...Great post!

  3. Totally agree with everything you've said here, 100%. Reading goals can be fun to do - but do them only for you and for your enjoyment. They should never be used to determine your worth as a reader! :/ I know I used to compare myself to others who read 200+books a year, and I always felt disappointed in myself, but after a while, I realised it wasn't really a competition - I should be reading books for the fun of it, not to beat some goal, etc. :)
    Geraldine | Corralling Books

  4. To be honest I only make reading goals so I can remember the books I read in a year easily. Otherwise, I hate it! They make me nervous and I feel like I'm failing at being a bookworm. I forced myself to read 50 books in 2014 and it sucked, so now I just don't do it anymore :)


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