In Which I List My 2016 Resolutions

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That time of the year has come up again, the time to makes resolutions. YIKES! I have never even tried to make a resolution. Ever. I don't see the point of them, usually they are stupid little things, that are honestly bound to fail. But this year I realized... I have a blog now! A glorious blog that is like my baby. Sooo why not make resolutionswell they are more goals then resolutions... revolving around my blog, to help it grow! So that one day, one glorious day, my blog will take over the world!

Change The Way I Review I still haven't found my style when it comes to reviewing. Sadly, I am still flailing about, seeking the perfect form of reviewing for myself. I compare myself to other, bigger, blogs and think, Oh my Gods, how do they do it? One thing I seem to forget is that most of them have had their blogs for years. I am not quite there yet... They have had time to perfect their style of reviews, they don't fumble around as much as me. So throughout 2016 I will try to change that! My reviews shall be better than ever.

Get More Involved In The Community I love the book community! Everyone is so welcoming and friendly! So throughout 2016 I want to become more involved with everyone! Make some friends, not live in this corner all alone. I must shine! I am a pretty shy person. I was terrified of starting a blog. TERRIFIED. But I did it. Now the next step is to talk to others that have also taken the big leap of starting a blog, because I'm not alone out here, in this vast space we call the internet. There is so many other book lovers here! And we must unite!

Get a Steady Amount of Views Some days I get VERY little views, others I get tons. Why? I have no idea. Though I do know, that I would like to put an end to this. I don't want my views to bounce around like their on a trampoline. I want to get a nice, calm, and steady amount of views. Obviously I don't expect hundreds of views each day. That probably won't happen for a while. What I would like is a reliable amount of views each day. 

Create a Posting Schedule/ Post More Often This may be one of the reasons my views aren't exactly steady. I post basically whenever I write something. Which isn't exactly the best thing to do. So 2016 shall be the year I post not randomly, but in a more organized fashon. I will give more updates on when I have decided to post each week soon, so look forward to that! 

Start a Bookstagram I have a DSLR, I have books, whats holding me back? Well other than fear of course, nothing. So it shall be done. I will create a bookstagram. Throw myself out there. I may get one follower, possibly two. But this time I won't give up. I will keep going, keep posting, keep trying, until I am satisfied.

How Many Books I Want To Read In 2016 This year I would like to read 100 books. I have never counted how many books I read in a year, or anything of the sort. I never felt the need too. This year, since I have a blog, I will! 

Expand My Bookshelf In the past I rarely bought books, I always went to the library. I wasn't happy that I did this, but it was practical, so I allowed it. This year, it will all change. I want to buy, and buy, and buy, millions of books. I want to have one of those beautiful bookshelves other people do! The only way to do so is to throw all my money at the bookstore. Unlike your average person who's resolution would be to not buy books, mine is to buy them all.

Read More New Releases I am stuck in the past. Always reading older books, that are still popular, but not shiny and new. This year I would like to read some more new releases. Join the fun that others are having, the fun of enjoying freshly published books.

A writing goal. What's that? Well I have wanted to write a book FOREVER and I have always given up whenever I tried. This year however, I am going to do it. I will write a book. I reeeeaalllyyy wanted to do NaNoWriMo after I found out what it was, but I missed. Then I was considering doing it in 2016, but I realized 1. I can't work with deadlines 2. I would probably give up, and 3. I would have 0 clue what to write about. 

Then an idea hit me! Why not make my New Years Resolution to write a book!

 I would have the entire year to come up with an idea, and write about it! So I bought a notebook and I am all set to fill it with writing ideas! Once I come up with a foolproof story line, I'll start writing! This way I won't feel pressured to write as fast as humanly possible, and I will have time to come up with an idea! Throughout the year I will be giving updates on my story and it will just be freaking fabulous! If I ever want to scrap my story, I can. However I HAVE to have a book ready to be edited by January 1st, so scrapping probably won't be happening. Anyways, look forward to posts about how my writing is going throughout the year, because they will be there!

Anyways, I would just like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I hope 2016 is amazing for you! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!🎊

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  1. Great goals! I always have trouble sticking to my resolutions but having a blog where you can right them down helps because you can come back to them. I wish I could get more into Bookstagram too, I think I'm just lazy when it comes to pictures, haha. Good luck with your resolutions :D

  2. Happy new year!

    All your resolutions sound completely achievable! You'll surely smash them. Good luck :D

  3. You've got some great goals for this year! Don't stress too much about finding your review 'style' - it comes with time and practice, and usually just falls into place naturally. It can also be fun to play around with different styles, and see what works for you. Happy reading! (And blogging!)

    1. I hope I do find what review style suits me! Ive just been playing around and trying some new styles for now! One thing I need to remember not to do is force myself into one style. I tried to do so in the past and it just sucked out all the fun of reviewing Yikes! So I guess I'll just go with the flow XD

  4. These are FABULOUS goals!! SQUEE. And I Actually love making goals and I think blogging about them makes me more liable to actually stick to them?! Which is fun. *dances* also blogging consistently definitely helps with page views *nods* I've had to learn that. and OMG YES THE BLOGGING COMMUNITY IS SO NICE!! Don't be shy of anyone! :P I want to do more collaborations with other epic bloggers and keep sharing posts and sharing the love and stuff. XD It's so nice to (Yes, aren't I good with words. xD)

    Also go YOU writing a book!! I am trying to do a lot of writing goals this year too. Bit scary, but we got this, right?! Writing is awesome.

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. Blogging definately forces me to complete my goals! Otherwise I would just have random list of goals that would probobly be forgotten about in a day... or an hour. Yes we got this! We will write until we can't write no more XD Both of us will have some pretty fabulous books!

  5. Good luck with all of your goals this year! I, too, want to read 100 books. It's definitely a daunting number, but so far I'm doing pretty well. Good luck with writing a book this year! I can tell you that once you actually finish a book (though you might have to expect some false starts before you can actually finish one), it makes the next book a lot easier to write and finish.

    1. It is a daunting number! I hope we can both reach are goals! I hope writing does get easier! right now it's harder than... well... everything!

  6. ooo these goals are fantastic! START A BOOKSTAGRAM. i love bookstagram and everyone in the community is super nice, like the blogging community as well. also taking pictures of books is strangely addictive. i also want to interact more (and comment more – i suck at comments). i hope you do a fantastic job achieving your goals (you will, i believe you will) xxx

    1. I'm glad you enjoy taking pictures of books! That just pushes me to try it out sooner! I am also super happy you enjoy bookstagraming and are able to keep up with it! Good luck with interaction, I agree, being social is hard, especially commenting! so Good luck to you too! I definitely believe in us!


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