Let's Talk About The Terrifying Thing Known As Fear.

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Okay, okay, first off I just wanna say I HAVEN'T POSTED IN WHAT FEELS LIKE FOREVER. What is wrong with me? I don't know. So many things have been happening, so much homework, it is NOT okay. I have two tests next week and am just, flailing about. Once I finished my homework each day, I was just tired. Writing a post was... too tiring... I AM BACK THOUGH!  After the scary incident of my computer almost breaking today, I am back!

So I didn't have any reviews to post or anything, because I didn't read anything I WANTED to review. So I didn't thats some smart thinking right there I once again, was dying. Like always, I didn't know what to post. Then BAMBAMPOWWW Idea. I decided to talk about fear. Ummmmmm what? Yes fear. What is it that is holding everyone back? FEAR! It is the most annoying thing ever. So lets talk about it.

I AM CONSTANTLY TERRIFIED. Literally. All of the time. In the real word *shudders* and in the bookish world. I always feel like people are just creeping on me, judging my every move. Commenting on peoples blogs. SCARY. Making posts on my own blog. SCARY. Starting an Instagram. SCARY. Starting a Twitter. SCARY.


You probably feel the same way. If you don't TEACH ME YOUR WAYS!!! I don't want to be a shy turtle. I just am! There is no stopping me from feeling and acting like a shy turtle. Do feel like one too??  Why can I not just stop?! Tell me. There is only one thing I tried, that actually helped!

I decided to confront my fears! Since I heard that it could help. I decided that the reason I was so scared was because I wanted to be accepted. I felt like a shy turtle surrounded by a bunch of... regular turtles. I was terrified that everyone would dislike me, that I wouldn't get views, I was in constant fear of messing up! THAT IS STUPID! I kept. No, I KEEP forgetting that EVERYONE IS WELCOME HERE! The bookish community is the most welcoming place EVER!

Every single one of us needs to remember
I swear by this.
Each and every time I post, or comment, I am scared. But you know what? I think that it's okay to be scared . Even if I am terrified, once it is done I always feel better about myself, I feel happy! Every time I do one of these things, I feel like maybe I can be a normal turtle too! Yes my fear probably will never go away, talking to other people is scary! But when they reply back, or comment on my own blog. ITS WORTH IT! It makes me feel like the best turtle in the world!

Fear is okay. As long as you don't let it grow. It's like an evil monster. If you don't attack it, it will kill you. NOBODY WANTS TO DIE!! Facing your fears is the most important thing to do, ever. If you don't, all of your fears will come true. Your blog won't grow, you won't make friends. You will be a shy turtle forever! So viciously attack your fear, even if it is with your bare hands!

Are you a shy turtle too? How do you face your fears?

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  1. I'm also really shy in real life and when I started book blogging I was TERRIFIED that someone from school/work/etc would find my blog. It's been three years and nothing bad has happened yet and my blog is the one place I actually feel safe. People are welcoming and generally super nice. Everyone wants to be friends and supports each other. But I know the feeling, I have social anxiety and in real life I'm a mess.

    1. yes, yes, yes! I am also super scared that somebody will find my blog! They will make fun of me or something stupid like that! But now that I have been blogging for a bit, I am really starting to control my fear and let myself out there!

  2. On the internet,I'm not so shy. There's moments of anxiety where I think "if i say this thing someone's going to think i'm weird so it's best if i just don't comment at all!" But those moments are rare. In real life tho, I'm very afraid. Most times. I'm afraid of making a fool of myself :/ This post is wonderful btw :) we all need encouragement to stand up and face our fears. So thank you for writing it! :D You are a brave little turtle, and I'm so happy to have found your blog ^_^

    1. Doing weird things is the best! It shows your personality! I am totally weird. There has probably been many times when people have looked at me and been like... what... are you okay... But I am okay! I'm just being a pretty damn fabulous turtle xD! Thanks for enjoying my post though!... is that something your supposed to thank people for... aaa!

  3. Hey you!
    I do have some fears, but not the same as you. Girl, you don't have to be afraid of posting or commenting or creating a Twitter account! I'm sure you've read some blogs or posts that didn't really interested you. Or met some people that you just didn't click with. Am I right? (please tell I am because if not, this comment is very useless) And I'm sure that when something like that occured, when you did not particularly like something/someone, you didn't flip out, you didn't start being mean or anything like it. You probably just went on your way.
    What I'm trying to say is this: you can't be afraid because some people won't like your stuff. But guess what? Tons of other people will love it! Most importantly, no one is going to be mean about it!
    It takes courage to ignore the negative side of life, but honestly, I just think: Fuck it. I'M doind something I enjoy. I am making MYSELF happy and those who don't share the same mindset can keep walking.
    Well this got long quicker than I thought!^^
    To sum everything up, you can't be afraid to be yourself on your blog and on other people's blog because you are the person you are, that's it! And here's a secret for you: I enjoy that person very much;)

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH This comment makes me happy! You are like TOTALLY right!!! Being scared and all that, it is pointless! There is no reason for it! Actually though, your comment is perfect and if I am ever being a stupid shy turtle I will run over to this comment, and just read it, because it is the truth!!!

    2. Print it and frame it on your wall! :D (or not because it might be weird^^) But seriously, screw other people's judgment! You're awesome and that's the end of it, period. And if someone from school finds your blog, well they can just be jealous in their little corner^^

  4. it's okay, friend!! you're not alone on this fear; in fact, i used to be afraid of everything in life as well (probably 100x worse than you). THEN, the life-changing event of becoming homeschooled (lucky me!) changed my perspective. (probably because i could avoid my then-fears, which were talking to others and whatnot) and i also discovered ROOKIEMAG.COM which is the best thing ever and it helped me come out of my so-called shell. the best advice i received from that site is to FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT. it is legit my life motto. let me elaborate: i don't mean "be a fake" or anything along those lines. you need to fake confidence and fearlessness and whatever you aspire to be until it's no longer fake and it's basically who you are, which means YOU'VE MADE IT! so, not necessarily fake it till you make it, but fake it till you ~become~ it. life changing i tell you. xxx alexandra @ twirling pages

  5. I was always a shy kid and I still am even as an adult. I don't start conversations with strangers, making friends in real life is really difficult for me and I have to instantly "click" with the person in order to let him/her know the real me. It's different for me on the internet because I don't feel like other people see me and therefore I'm not shy? I don't know, I just always felt more comfortable on the internet sharing my thoughts rather than sharing them in real life because what if the person gives a weird look and then I'm going to be the weirdo and nobody will talk to me?! Yep, those are my thought. Even in classes, I have problems expressing myself because I'm not good friends with my classmates and I'm scared what they will think of me. Sometimes it's so stupid but I care a lot what others think of me. But it's articles and discussions like these that makes me feel a lot better because I know that I'm not alone in it and if other people can deal with it, I can too. :)


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