Why Should You Embark On The Journey Of Writing A Book?

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If you read my 2016 resolutions post, you would know I decided to write a book! Well I sat my butt down after days of avoiding it, and started planning. I can't share anything yet. Since I have a lot more work to do* Instead I thought I would do a post where I force encourage you to write your own book! This will not only be something I can look back on when I am threatening to give up on my dream, but it will help you too! Maybe you are taking the extremely risky and dangerous task of writing a book, or your just not quite sure if you want too! This post is for everyone so just read it. I COMMAND YOU TOO!

*by a lot, I mean basically everything. But shhhh... let's just keep that between you and me!

Come on, you can't deny that you enjoy writing! It is so much fun! writing creates endless possibilities! You can write about anything you want, you can write in whatever style you want, and best of all... YOU CAN KILL EVERYONE! 'Cause come on, you can't deny it, how fun would that be?

Anything you could ever possibly come up with, can be created through writing! Anything. Any place. Anyone. Whether you want to create a man eating duck, a zebra without stripes definitely not a horse a world where people are potatoes. ANYTHING is possible! 

As you progress in your story, trust me, you will feel great! There might be a lot of pain, tears, and torture involved, but it will all be worth it! Just focus on the little things you do. For example, my whole family was forced to share my joy when I finally came up with what to write about, since I squealed with great enthusiasm, and shouted dramatically... 
Even Shia LaBeouf is proud

Other than school, blogging, Netflix, reading, and the few times I leave the house. I've got nothing. I think we all got nothing* A great thing to do in that time is, write! Sitting surrounded by food, and buried 10 feet under a massive blanket, while writing a book about talking dragons who like eating people, is the absolute PERFECT way of spending free time! The only thing that could ever beat that, is riding a talking dragon as it kills your enemies. But I only do that on weekends...

*unless your not an unsocial potato. Then I congratulate you, and kindly ask you TEACH ME HOWWWW!!!

Who doesn't want to brag about the fact that they wrote an ENTIRE book? Pssshhhhhh... no one! I think we all wanna do it! You can't deny it. The best person to brag too is publishers, because they will buy it. Then you will be rich. You will move to a castle. Then form an army of koalas. How amazing would that be???!! There is a minuscule chance that it will happen. But it might... so whatever...

These are just 5 of the many reasons you should try writing! Whether it's writing an entire book, or just a short story, you should do it! 

What are some other great things about writing? Are you planning on writing a book? Have you ever written one? Or are you flailing for things to write about?

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  1. I won NaNoWriMo in 2014, but I never did finish my book. Really need to get back to it. It's so easy to let it go once I've been away from it for awhile.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. well congrats on winning! I really hope you do get back into your book! Good Luck!!! It is probably amazing!

  2. This post is great! It makes me want to write again! The thing is: I really enjoy writing, but I only do it once a year, during Nanowrimo. I always tell myself that I'll write more, but it's not my passion, more like a hobby; my real passion is reading and that's what I do in my free time. That and making bracelets!^^
    But, as I said, you make me want to write again! Great motivational post!:D

    1. Yay I'm glad you enjoyed my post! Writing is sort of like a hobby to me as well. Reading will always win! But I want to try it out some more, and really get into it! If NaNoWriMo works for you, thats great! Maybe you could try out some different challenges throughout they year too, so you can get more into it!!

  3. This post makes me miss writing! I haven't had time to write for years, nor have I had a book idea for a long time. But I used to have so much fun creating stories and worlds and characters.

    1. I really hope you get back into it!! Writing is SUPER fun, you must find time! Although I totally get it, because I have been flailing for time as well... it is not fun. As my extremely helpful gifs of Shia LaBouef say, JUST DO IT XD! Getting an idea is the hardest thing ever. But one will come, I really hope you do start writing again!

  4. Omg you and I are practically TWINS RIGHT NOW, MAYA!! XD I wrote a post on why you should write a book and was going to post it this weekend too, hehe, but I'll wait a while now because yours is utterly perfection. <3 ;D And I totally love the bragging rights and the feel-good-ness too. I mean just sitting back and going "I WROTE A BOOK" is like the best thing of the universe.
    Also the gifs are so wonderful. SO WONDERFUL I SAY. xDXD

    1. Isn't Shia LaBoeuf wonderful... I NEED TO READ YOUR POST I am guessing it is AMAZING! Bragging about anything, is just, awesome... I think it is quite bad that I find it enjoyable. But do I care? Never. Anyways, POST YOUR VERSION ASAP!!! It must be devoured quickly!


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