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So I saw this tag on The Quiet People's blog, and it sounded super fun! I LOVE Christmas, with a passion, and I also love blogging, combining both is just... perfection! Also since I'm new to blogging, I thought it would be a good way for you to get to know me! So let the Christmas spirit flow!
What is your favorite thing about Christmas?
I can't explain it, but I want to say it's just the feeling you get when Christmas comes around. The Christmas spirit you could say. It just makes me really happy. I love seeing everybody's Christmas lights, it just makes things so bright and fun(not scaryyy and dark) I can't deny that I love presents as well. I'm not going to try and seem like a not so selfish person(I am your queen, if I don't get presents, no one does)

What is your favorite Christmas film?
The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, as you can see by the gif above. This might seem like a children's movie, but I will love it no matter what. It's hilarious(and the Grinch is so, so beautiful).

Real or fake tree?
I prefer real trees, but being the incredibly busy(whoops I mean lazy) person I am, one year I just didn't feel like it. That year ruined everything. I thought I was 'too cool' to go to the Christmas tree farm(is that what it's called, I really don't know) Things just went downhill from there. Now we have a fake tree. Forever.

Giving presents or receiving them?
Once again I am not a good person, I am selfish, I love presents, I will not hide this. Presents are beautiful, wrapped, Gods. They can be evil and disgusting. Or they can can bless you with a thousand days of happiness. Honestly I'm fine with either because I get stuff(this is proof, I am selfish af) I do like wrapping presents, and picking them out(unless I have no clue what to get the person) Plus no matter how greedy I am, it's only fair that other people get presents as well.

Do you open presents on Christmas morning or evening?
I am Polish. Polish people celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. So Maya the lucky girl gets to roll around in wrapping paper and presents before anyone else hehehe. All my friends are waiting, dying to see what they got, but oh no. As soon as dinner is finished present time it is! I am actually such a child.

What tops your tree?
Were not your typical star family, oh no no no. An Angel is on ours. Currently the Angels kind of lopsided tho...

As a child, what was the one thing you always asked for but never received?
A puppy. This year it will also be a puppy. I will ask for a puppy until I die.

Handmade Christmas cards or bought?
I actually don't really give Christmas cards too much. If I do it's usually bought. I love art and crafting, but I'm not too into scrap booking and card making.

What is your favorite Christmas food?
I'm actually SUPER picky when it comes too food(my family hates it) So it's pretty easy for me. cake, cookies, and chocolate. Every year we(mostly me) bake chocolate cake for Christmas, my favorite! We do the same thing with cookies, and ohmygods those cookies are THE best! 

Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
Since we do celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve this is what we do; I spend the whole morning anticipating food and presents, and most likely reading. Later in the afternoon family comes over. When the first star comes out we eat dinner, however there is not meat allowed during dinner. After food we clean everything up! Then present time! After the most enjoyable part of the evening, we just hang out and admire what we got.

Now I tag all of you to do this as well! Comment below, and share your version of the Christmas tag with me!

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  1. KEEP ASKING FOR THE PUPPY. *nods* I swear I wore my parents down and we finally got one last year, hehe. (Although it wasn't technically for Christmas and I paid for a lot of him but shhh, I got him in December so it counts.) Puppies are adorable little furballs of joy and trouble. :') AHEM.
    Christmas lights!! I LOVE THEM. I have them hanging on my bookshelf and it's my favourite. XD
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


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