Top 10 Tuesdays: 10 Popular Books I still Haven't Read

4:36:00 PM

1. Clockwork Angel I honestly can't comprehend why I haven't read this book. It takes to much effort there is no reason for me to have not too! I have heard so many great things about this series! I love The Mortal Instruments with almost all of my heart, it is my basically favorite series, so I don't know why its taking me so long to get to these books!

2. The Wrath and The Dawn I swear EVERY single person has read this book except me. All the book bloggers have reviewed this forever ago, but me. I haven't even read it, and I hate myself for it! I am totally reading this book ASAP! Or adding it to my gigantic Christmas list of books.

3. Shadow and Bone I was actually going to buy this book in the summer... but then I didn't... *face palm*. I am going to buy this however because people were have been raving about how good it was!

4. Eleanor & Park I don't know if i will ever read this book. Is it actually that good? I am a fantasy person it is all I ever read most of what I read is fantasy. Usually I'm not so fond of contemporary. If people wanna fall in love, they better do it while their fighting some dragons or something. I'm kiddinggg not at all. So I don't know, maybe one day I will give this book a chance who knows.
5. Amy and Rogers Epic Detour This book got a lot of hype in the summer. Despite that its a contemporary I was really considering reading it, I still am! It sounds like really fun read! Sometimes after reading a heavy fantasy I need to lighten up! This book is a great book for just that!

6. Throne of Glass I am buying this book tomorrow, I swear! Then once it comes to my house I will tear open the box and read it (after a book haul of course). I am ashamed that I have not devoured this book with my eyeballs yet. 
7. Magnus Chase and The Sword of Summer Rick Riordan, the author of Percy Jackson, your favorite series, has come out with a new book and you haven't read it yet? For shame Maya, for shame! I know, I know, what am I doing with my life? I wore a Percy Jackson shirt today, but I haven't even read Rick Riordan's new book?? I am ashamed.  

8. Scarlet: The Lunar Chronicles Book 2 I read book one, but not book two! I am VERY behind... *shakes head at self*. I am however going to be a good girl and correct this, definitely picking this book up very soon! 
9. Court of Thorns and Roses one of the most popular books of 2015, but yet I still haven't read it. Its not that I don't want to, its just that I have no money. You see, I have a problem, I refuse to can only buy books. My book shelf is weak. It is sad, empty. It shall be filled! So I need to buy this book, before I can actually read it! 

10. All The Bright Places once again another book I don't know if I will ever read... contemporarys just aren't my thing! No matter how much I wish they were. But I shouldn't be so quick to judge! Maybe this book is utterly and truly amazing and I'm just shaming it for no reason! 

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