January Wrap Up

5:11:00 PM

It is Febuary 2!! What is even going on. Wow. So I realize apparently everyone was posting there wrap ups a while ago. But I am a rule breaker. I do what I want, when I want! Kidding I'm just incredibly lazy and did not want to get up in order to write this post... Welp! Now that I have removed myself from my bed, here it is!

of course all of these beautiful books were purchased from Book Outlet. Which is honestly my favorite store ever. There is no denying it. 
Also for my birthday I received 4 Chapters gift cards!!! So there is a glorious bookish shopping spree on its way...
As always my life was pretty boring... Nothing of interest really happend.
Well it was my birthday! I got some presents, which I devoured, but that was really the highlight of the month! I have a pretty boring life... 
Next month is pretty scary though, since I have to choose my courses for high school whyyyy *dies*

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  1. Hey, happy belated birthday!!! It looks like you had a fantastic reading month!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  2. Happy belated birthday!

    You read some awesome books this month and also got some great books! I hope your February is good :D

    1. Thank you so much! I hope your February is fabulous too!!!

  3. Haaaappy belated birthday TO YOOOOU. (I am also a January fiend. All the January fiends are the best, clearly.) Ahem. And omg yay for gift cards!! XD That is the perfect present. And I really wish Australia had a Bookoutlet. D: The deals you guys get there, OMG IT'S RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING. XD

    1. NOOO Australia doesnt have Book Outlet!! What are they doing there??? I guess since they get cool accents and kangaroos they don't get Book Outlet xD Kidding, I am actually crying for you, how could they not!!? Go Canada for finally having an online store that ships here! YEESSS January is the best month. Everybody who is born in this glorious month is officially fabulous! I greatly approve of them.

  4. Happy (very belated) birthday! Well done for surviving January - and for reading the Thief Lord!!! I haven't seen that book for years, but I used to ADORE it. I'm so glad someone else has read it too!
    Beth x

  5. Someone has been reading a lot!^^ Congrats on finishing 8 books!
    Ouhh! It was your birthday! Well better late than never: Happy Birthday my dear! May I ask how old you are now? (ohmigod, this sounds more creepy than I intended, but no matter how I phrase it, it remains creepy!)
    Did you read Six of Crwos? If so, how does it compares to Leigh Bardugo's other series?


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